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Know The Whole Process/semi-process Of The Workwear Fabric May 09, 2017

When custom workwear, manufacturers will often mention the fabric is the whole process of fabric concepts, then what is the whole process fabric? The whole process generally refers to: from the beginning of the embryo to the singeing, desizing, mercerizing, pre-shrinking, dyeing, drying, fixing, high-temperature stereotypes of a cotton production process all links are essential. The whole process does not include sanding, waterproof, anti-fouling and so on.

Semi-process: generally refers to a few links which can be omitted do not do. For example: If the finished product of the latitude and longitude to the shrinkage rate is not high, you can not do pre-shrinking, so that the shrinkage of the embryo will become smaller and elongation (that is, into the 1000-meter fabric to produce more than 1,000 meters). If you can do more than 900 meters pre-shrinking finished products. Or desizing of the process are on the fabric feel, comfort has a great impact.